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Selfie Value: The Loyalty Power of Must-Share Moments

By Barry Kirk When was the last time you truly had a “moment” with a brand that you love? I was recently in Panera Bread, a fast casual restaurant chain where I’m both a frequent customer

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Mar. 11 2004

Chrysler Uses CDs as Giveaways

DaimlerChrysler is using a CD giveaway to drive sales of its used specialty vehicles. The offer is promoted in dealerships nationwide. DC Specialty Vehicles



Feb. 03 2004

McDonald’s to Roll Out Adult Happy Meals

Appealing to health-conscious consumers, McDonald’s Corp. will begin offering a healthful meal targeting adults later this year. McDonald’s tested the



Jan. 15 2004

Heineken and RealNetworks to Offer Music Downloads

Heineken USA and RealNetworks have joined forces to give away millions of songs this summer. Kicking-off Memorial Day weekend, every specially marked



Jan. 13 2004

Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s To Give Away Three Million-Plus Toys

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s QSRs will feature Yu Yu Hakusho toy figures in their Kids Combo meals, along with a sweepstakes giveaway from March 3 through



Nov. 13 2003

Victoria’s Secret Packs Sting CD

Victoria’s Secret will give away a Sting compilation CD for one day next week. Sting will appear on the Nov. 19 broadcast of Victoria’s Secret Fashion



Sep. 25 2003

Mattel Dangles Free Cell Phones to Attract Tween Girls

Mattel is hitting tween girls right where it counts, in the cell phone. The promotion entices young girls to buy its fall Chillin’ Out line of My Scene



Sep. 01 2003

Prize Inside!

Everyone knows that marketing consumer products is tougher and more challenging than ever before. The poor global economy is a given, as are tighter margins



Aug. 27 2003

Domino’s Delivers eBay Promos on 30 Million Boxes

Domino’s Pizza is teaming with eBay to play up back-to-school on 15 million pizza boxes. Through Sept. 4, customers can win up to 1 million eBay Anything



Aug. 05 2003

Sbarro Packs CD-ROMs in Cup Lids

Sbarrro restaurants yesterday began packing CD-ROMs with four music singles in the lids of 32-ounce soft drink cups. The promotion runs through October.



Jun. 01 2003

From Russia with Root Beer 1

EVERY NOW AND THEN you see a promotion and you say to yourself; damn I wish I’d thought of that! Then there are the even less frequent occasions where