Slurpee Battle of the Bands

By Aug 04, 2011

Pro AwardsBest Web-Based Promotion

Agency: Freshworks/TracyLocke/Integer/Ketchum/TPN
Camapgin: Slurpee Battle of the Bands
Client: 7-Eleven

Frozen drinks, according to 7-Eleven, is a category lacking memory. Once the drink is finished, the loyalty moves on. So 7-Eleven wanted to do something that would get fans to remember Slurpee long after their liquid drink was gone.

7-Eleven held a Battle of the Bands contest in 2009 with great success and decided to extend it in 2010. For the new promotion, the goal was to build the Slurpee Nation database through website membership, the Facebook fan page and the Slurpee Rewards program, capturing the hearts and minds of Slurpee lovers and, along the way, making a few of them rock stars.

The new program was a bigger success than they had anticipated. More than 900 bands entered to be part of the five-month program, compared with just 70 the year before.

The nominees rocked their way through four regional concerts, two hometown concerts and eight rounds of voting, traveling to Dallas to make their first music videos. Twelve bands earned the chance to perform live with Train, All Time Low, B.o.B. and N.E.R.D. and four sell-out concerts were streamed live on the Slurpee Facebook page where fans tuned in for more than 230,000 combined minutes of action.

Slurpee fans also attended exclusive concerts and events. A Slurpee truck gave away drink samples at every event.

More than 40,000 music fans flocked to Slurpee.com and the Slurpee Facebook page to watch the action streaming live. Slurpee Nation cast nearly 20,000 votes to determine which band would earn $10,000, a professional recording session and all the publicity that went with it. And let’s not forget, the thousands of fans who signed up for their own Slurpee air guitar that came replete with a 7-Eleven “lifetime guarantee.”

7-Eleven got what they wanted, as well. More than 250,000 people joined the Slurpee Nation rewards program; the Slurpee Facebook page added nearly 350,000 new fans. And fans tuned in a combined 230,000 minutes to watch live streaming concerts on Slurpee’s Facebook page.

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