Make-A-Messterpiece Brought to You by Bounty

By Aug 03, 2010

Best Use of Event Marketing (Five or Less Venues),
Best Sampling Program or Trial Recruitment,
Most Innovative Communication Strategy,
Best Campaign Targeting a Micro Audience,
Best Idea or Concept,
& Best Creative

Make-A-Messterpiece Brought to You by Bounty
Agency: Gigunda Group, Inc.
Client: Bounty, a Procter & Gamble Brand

The makers of Bounty wanted to inspire creativity by emphasizing that messes should not be avoided, but rather, embraced and cultivated. For a brand that makes its living cleaning up messes, the marketing team for Bounty realized that messes were at the very core of creativity, and without messes, there would be nothing to clean up.

They wanted to create an event fostering messes that would generate at least 250 million media impressions, be a self-sustaining business and increase brand equity. They translated these goals into Make-A-Messterpiece … a creative studio in Glenview, Ill.

Thirty creative stations touched on a variety of mediums, sensory building skills and educational benefits. Staff was chosen based on their early childhood education background and dedication to the arts, among other skills.

Make-A-Messterpiece also included a “Mess Boutique” which sold creatively-driven items; two private birthday party rooms; and Club M, a relaxing waiting room for parents that included free wi-fi, books, magazines, refreshments and closed circuit TV of each activity area.

Clean-up began with staff suiting up in kid-sized smocks and ended with hand washing at four Bounty branded clean-up stations built in the shape of oversized Bounty paper towel rolls with two motion-sensored sinks and soap dispensers and Bounty paper towels.

The fun resulted in exceeding media impression goals by 256% (640 million); the studio has received more than 53,330 visitors to date; and Bounty sales have increased 47% since Make-A-Messterpiece opened in September 2009.

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