Silver: Best Use of Shopper Marketing 2015

  • Campaign: BMW i8 Pop-Up
  • Brand: BMW
  • Agency: SET Creative

BMW touted its new i8, a plug-in hybrid sports car, as innovative, efficient, and “an exhilarating driving experience.” The auto manufacturer wanted to communicate the car’s myriad distinguishing features to its target audience of Millennials, but it needed to do so in the sort of low-pressure sales environment that the audience sector best responds to. Working with agency SET Creative, BMW created a pop-up gallery in Orange County, CA—its first-ever North American pop-up space.

To reinforce that the i8 was no ordinary car, this was no ordinary pop-up space. More than 5,000 LEDs illuminated the interior in an intricate display that responded to visitors’ movements, embodying the responsiveness, energy, and innovation of the vehicle. Visitors also interacted with a dynamic art gallery wall to create their own personalized i8 while taking in the details of the design and features.

During the 10 weeks that the pop-up was open, more than 85,000 consumers visited, including 8,500 during the three-day opening weekend. The visits resulted in more than 200 test-drives and a 33% turbocharge in sales.