Silver: Best Mobile Campaign 2015

  • Campaign: Cover the Bases Sweepstakes
  • Brand: Arm & Hammer
  • Agency: Colangelo

When it comes to meeting household needs, Arm & Hammer covers all the bases. Its more than 400 SKUs range from laundry detergent to baking soda, toothpaste to kitty litter. The brand found, though, that 77% of its customers purchased Arm & Hammer products in one only merchandise category. To show shoppers, particular moms 24 to 54 years old, that it offers products in multiple categories, Arm & Hammer took advantage of parent company Church & Dwight’s new Major League Baseball (MLB) sponsorship and created its Cover the Bases promotion.

Arm & Hammer and agency Colengelo used digital media, free-standing inserts, retailer circulars, and in-store messaging to let consumers know about the promotion. Shoppers simply had to buy at least one Arm & Hammer product and text, email, or upload a photo of the receipt. Snipp Interactive mobile technology validated the receipts and sent the shoppers personalized URLs or text codes that directed them to a microsite where they could then “swing” within the online game for a chance to win baseball-themed prizes, such as tickets to a game, $500 credit at Steiner Sports to buy memorabilia, or even tickets to the All-Star Game or the World Series. The more Arm & Hammer products purchased per shopping trip, the more at-bats the consumer received: If a receipt showed two Arm & Hammer products, the customer received three swings; three products, five swings. To further encourage participation, all entrants were in the running for a chance to win a Chevy Equinox. Shoppers were invited to play repeatedly throughout the baseball season.

The sweepstakes performed like a champ when it came to encouraging cross-category purchases. Among campaign participants, 22% made purchases in two product categories, up 22% from the average among shoppers before the promotion. And 14% bought within three product categories, a leap of more than 350%.