Elizabeth ArdenWonderstruck Enchanted – Bronze

  • Campaign: Elizabeth ArdenWonderstruck Enchanted
  • Brand: Elizabeth Arden
  • Agency: PHD

With the launch of Taylor Swift’s second fragrance, Wonderstruck Enchanted, Elizabeth Arden already had a built-in market: the singer’s fans, who are primarily young, single females. But while these consumers had made Swift’s first scent with Arden, Wonderstruck, a success, the company now needed to excite the fans about the new perfume, and of course grab more of their limited share of wallet.

One surefire way to get Swift’s fans excited was to give them access to an exclusive concert. Working with agency PHD, Elizabeth Arden did just that, sponsoring a custom Live on Letterman concert last autumn.

Signage adorned the venue, and the 500 fans in the audience were given eye-catching promotional posters. The luckiest fans also received VIP gift bags and front-row seats. A commercial for Wonderstruck Enchanted was shown prior to Swift’s set; afterward, attendees received a custom concert poster and a scented fragrance tattoo so that they could be among the first to experience the perfume. And to expand the reach far beyond the 500 attendees and their social media followers with whom they inevitably shared their excitement, the concert was syndicated online via CBS Interactive and Vevo, sponsored by Wonderstruck Enchanted.

The video received more than 2 million views online in its first two days alone, and 10 million views in four months. By comparison, Swift’s Live on Letterman concert from 2010 took eight months to generate 7 million views. All told, the event delivered more than 42 million branded impressions.

And perhaps most important, and impressive, the video drove more than 222,000 clicks to retailers of the fragrance. At one prestige online retailer alone, sales of Swift’s fragrances rose 54% year on year in the months after the video was distributed. The sweet smell of success, indeed.