Celgene Corp. Internal Launch Campaign – Bronze

  • Campaign: Internal Launch Campaign
  • Brand: Celgene Corp.
  • Agency: AgencyRx

Launched in 2012, Pomalyst was Celgene Corp.’s third drug designed to treat multiple myeloma, a cancer of plasma blood cells. The drug differs from the other two agents in that it was created to treat refractory myeloma, in which other medications have ceased to work. To ensure that its employees as well as customers understood Pomalyst’s unique selling proposition, Celgene enlisted AgencyRx to help communicate this positioning within its five New Jersey campuses.

To replicate how a buildup of myeloma cells causes refractory myeloma and prevents other agents from working, Celgene “blocked” the entrances, stairways, doorways, and other openings of various halls within its buildings with images of myeloma cells. Even the elevators were seemingly “blocked,” until the doors opened and a “path forward”—a recurring theme of the campaign—was revealed inside the carriage.

Likewise, the risers of a stairway were covered with images of myeloma cells, but upon reaching a landing a person would be greeted by information showing how Pomalyst could help lead sufferers of refractory myeloma forward. On the walls of the hallway beyond, the proportion of myeloma cells to healthy red blood cells changed to reflect the changes that would result from successful treatment with the drug. Welcome-screen text, informational wall projections, and intranet emails reinforced the messaging.

The program was designed so that every employee and visitor had no choice but to interact with the campaign. Internal response was overwhelmingly positive—so much so that Celgene planned a similar awareness campaign for a new drug for which it expected to receive FDA approval this year.