Sony Computer Entertainment Canada The PlayStation Holiday Button – Silver

  • Campaign: The PlayStation Holiday Button
  • Brand: Sony Computer Entertainment Canada
  • Agency: Noise Digital

SILVER—Best Promotion that Uses a Holiday Theme in its Promotion

Male gamers 18-34 years old, the target market for Sony Computer Entertainment Canada’s PlayStation Canada, excel at pushing buttons to score points and win games. With agency Noise Digital, Sony developed a promotion for holiday 2012 to play to that strength.

A mobile and online game promoted on PlayStation Canada’s Facebook page, the PlayStation Holiday Button consisted of, well, a big button. Visitors pushed the button to be entered for a grand-prize draw of PlayStation gear; there was also the chance to instantly win a PlayStation game. As PlayStation noted on the website, “Seriously, this is the easiest contest ever. It’s just you, pushing the button, for some really sweet prizes.” After the button was pushed, trivia questions about Sony games popped up on the screen; with each correct guess, participants won another grand-prize entry. They could win even more entries by spreading the word among their Facebook friends.

To further raise awareness, especially among relatives and friends who might be scratching their heads over what to get the gamers in their life for Christmas, the game included an “I want this” section that enabled participants to share via Facebook exactly which PlayStation products they wanted under the tree.

During the seven weeks of the campaign, the Holiday Button received 112 million pushes, far exceeding expectations, during nearly 90,000 unique visits. Gamers answered more than 360,000 trivia questions, with the average engagement per visit lasting 16 minutes. And 11,000 gamers shared the products they wanted on Facebook, no doubt making gift-giving a little easier