Unilever Dove Show Us Your Skin – Bronze

  • Campaign: Dove Show Us Your Skin
  • Brand: Unilever
  • Agency: Ryan Partnership

Dove has long shown “real women” in its ads for its cleansers and beauty products. To make its Personal Wash product stand out among the sea of competitors, and to show consumers why its body wash was better than the discount brands, Dove didn’t feature just a few nonprofessional models in its campaign; it gave every woman who submitted a photo the opportunity to show off her Dove-cleansed skin.

Dove and Ryan Partnership launched the campaign in April 2012 in Times Square; women were invited to sample products and have their picture taken by a professional photographer. The photos were integrated into a mosaic in the shape of the Dove bird icon,which then appeared on three live billboards in the area. The mosaic changed with the addition of each new photo; a camera across from one of the billboards steamed a live feed to Dove’s online channels.

Women who weren’t in Manhattan on the launch day could still appear on the billboards; they simply had to visit Dove’s website to upload their photo. Each woman subsequently received an email showing her photo in the billboard mosaic.

A mobile app enabled women to see their photo in the photo-mosaic of the print ad as well, by transforming the ad into a personalized image featuring not just the user’s Facebook profile photo but also those of 50 of her Facebook friends. The app also tagged those friends and invited them to submit their own photos for the billboard.

The campaign, which ran through the end of August, generated more than 1 billion impressions. Awareness research showed a 10.6% lift in brand appeal and a 10.8% bump in purchase intent, with the strongest results among non-Dove users and younger women.