Taco Bueno Takes Mobile Couponing Chain-wide

By May 07, 2008

All Taco Bueno customers can now get Mexican food on their phones—not through poor table manners, but with mobile coupons in the chain’s first cellphone campaign to cover its entire eight-state market.

The Mexican chain is offering customers who opt in to its mobile discounts a chance to buy a Beef Muchaco or a Chicken Potato Burrito for 99 cents with coupon.

The program is an expansion of a test Taco Bueno ran last summer on the Cellfire mobile coupon platform. In that program, the chain offered Cellfire coupons to customers of its 80 stores in the Dallas region.

With this expansion, patrons of all 180 Taco Bueno outlets in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Indiana can register and download the Cellfire application to their phones.

Once registered, shoppers can then opt to receive the Taco Bueno offers either at Cellfire’s Web site or by texting “bueno” to a short code.

Under the Cellfire platform, the coupons are saved in a WAP folder rather than coming back as SMS messages, so they can be stored and searched for later use. Users get a unique redemption code to show during their transaction.

“Partnering with Cellfire has provided a novel and innovative way to reach our customers,” said Taco Bueno Marketing Vice President Scott Terraciano-Spence in a statement.

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