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Springfield, VT, Wins ‘Simpsons’ Movie Screening Promo

By Jul 17, 2007

A rolling pink doughnut and a funny bald man helped the little town of Springfield, VT, land the top spot in an online video contest tied to the upcoming “The Simpsons Movie.”

The contest, hosted by 20th Century Fox, pit communities called Springfield against one another for a chance to win a hometown premiere of the film. Participants from towns named after the fictitious location where the animated show takes place submitted three- to five-minute-long films showing their community’s “Simpson Spirit.”

The winning video opens with “The Simpsons” theme music and a man playing Homer driving through the center of town when he spots a doughnut truck. He opens the truck door and chases a large, pink doughnut as rolls through town, causing havoc along the way. Eventually, an angry crowd chases Homer into a local movie theater. Town buildings and “Simpsons” imagery and posters are seen throughout the clip.

The video is posted at USAToday.com/Life/Movies/Simpsons-Contest.htm, with submissions from 13 other Springfields. Viewers voted for their favorite at USAToday.com. In all, the contest drew 109,852 entries.

Initially, Springfield, VT, wasn’t included in the contest. At first, the town didn’t qualify because its small population of about 9,300 people. But the local Chamber of Commerce fought to enter, according to news reports.

As the contest winner, the town of Springfield, VT, will receive an exclusive screening of “The Simpsons Movie” on July 21. The second-runner up, Springfield, IL, gets a screening of the movie on July 26, the day before the film opens nationally in theaters.

Other participating states include Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Nebraska and Colorado.

“The Simpsons Movie” follows the characters from the popular TV show their first movie debut. In his latest blunder, Homer accidentally causes a radioactive leak into the river.

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