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Jamba Juice Campaigns with “Feel Good Moments”

By Oct 13, 2009

It all started in New York earlier this month with Jamba Juice spokesperson Bananaman passing out preloaded Metro Cards to thousands of people getting ready to board New York City subway trains.

This weekend, Bananaman will be in San Francisco giving away tickets for free cable car rides.

The freebies are part of the company’s new three-month campaign called, “Feel Good Moments” that includes vouchers, a sweepstakes and events.

Thirty million “Feel Good Bucks,” worth amounts from $1-off-vouchers towards a Jamba Juice purchase to $10,000 in cash are circulating through a number of channels including street teams, direct mail, brand partners and online. People find out the value of the voucher when a brand rep “rings” it up at a register.

Sweepstakes forms are available on the back on the voucher and in stores where smoothies, other beverages and baked goods are sold. Three winners will get to fulfill any wish they so choose worth up to $10,000.

The campaign also includes social elements like Facebook and Twitter.

Bananaman will also make appearances across the country in high traffic areas in Los Angeles and Chicago. The Neighbor Agency is handling the promotions.