Half a Billion Pepsi Cans Offer Adidas Promo

By Sep 06, 2007

A new campaign from Adidas and Pepsi invites sports enthusiasts to tell their personal stories and win a day with David Beckham or Laila Ali.

Half a billion Pepsi cans co-branded with Adidas went into circulation last weekend, carrying a StartMyStory.com Web address where consumers can tell their own tales of overcoming personal hurdles.

Visitors to the site view videos of Beckham and Ali relating some of the trials in their respective careers.

Users select one of the athletes and an avatar asks about the challenge he or she confronted, and walks them through writing about the circumstances and the outcome. The authors can also select musical themes to accompany their stories and can view other stories filed on the site.

“There’s a call to action,” Adidas spokeswoman Abby Guyer said. “It’s not just about seeing an ad or drinking a Pepsi. You engage with the brand and the content and actually create content as well.”

Site visitors can play games in another area, with players randomly selected to win assorted Adidas products. The grand prizes are the chance to spend a day with either Beckham or Ali. The contest ends Nov. 30, although the site will remain live through the end of the year.

The campaign is an extension of the Adidas “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign. It’s also a continuation of Pepsi’s global restyle campaign launched in February with sports and music partners, including the National Football League, Major League Baseball and MTV.

The Pepsi/Adidas cans will be in retail outlets for the next few weeks. The promotion is set to run over the next several months.

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