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gamified sweepstakes

6 Steps to a Gamified Experience

|  by Russell Zack

Retailers to restaurateurs are creating immersive gamified sweepstakes that allow consumers to have fun, memorable interactions with their favorite brands.


Ways to Optimize Content Marketing for Ecommerce

|  by Michael Gerard

As ecommerce companies focus on improving their product selection, customer service and supply chain, many of them overlook a key opportunity for differentiation: Content.

Emojihealth is one example of a brand using technology to create a connection.

Using VR to Tell Your Story

|  by John Skolis

Brands are embracing virtual reality (VR) and other types of technology as a way to offer consumers unique, impactful experiences.

sweepstakes marketing

A Primer in Sweepstakes Marketing

|  by Bruce Hollander

There are several types of sweepstakes and games and the trick is to make sure you match the correct type with your specific sweepstakes marketing effort.

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