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Posted on by Chief Marketer Staff

Hey folks. I need a favor.

I’ve been asked to take over another of Penton’s e-mail newsletters. Well not asked, actually. Kind of, well, prodded.

You know, prodded as in: “Take this newsletter over or you better pray your bartending skills haven’t gotten too rusty over the last decade or so.” That kind of prodded.

So I said “yes.”

The name of the newsletter? E-Centric. Yeah, yeah. I know. Some name, huh? Why didn’t they just name it Best-of-Breed, Soup-to-Nuts Paradigm Shift?

Oh well. If only Magilla controlled everything. Smoking cigars on elevators would be considered polite behavior, and drinking fountains would spout beer.

In any case, E-Centric was launched as E-Zine IQ several years back as a newsletter for editors and publishers of e-mail newsletters.

Then it was, wisely I think, decided the newsletter should broaden its focus to cover all types of online content creation and publishing. And the name was changed to E-Centric.

Will there still be e-mail coverage? Of course. It’s the subject I know best. However, there will be other topics covered, as well.

So what’s the favor, you ask? I’d just like Magilla readers to give E-Centric a try. It comes out every other Wednesday.

Hopefully, we’ll all learn a few things together and have some laughs in the process.

Some come on, guys. Give it a try. I really don’t want to go back to bartending. Although, I did always have cash in my pocket back then and it’s a recession-proof profession.

In any case, here’s a link:

To those who subscribe: Thank you. To those who say: “Once a week is enough of this jerk,” I completely understand.


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