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Help Me Lose Weight!
This file contains 829,124 purchasers of pills creams and other weight-loss products.
Selections: Age range, gender, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $85/M
Contact: Interactive Marketing Solutions, 845-624-1155

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Select 50+
More than 1.1 million active direct-mail-sold donors aged 50 and over are found here.
Selections: Amount donated, areas of interest, gender, income, multi donors, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $80/M
Contact: RMI Direct Marketing Inc., 203-825-4632

Business Owners and Executives
There are nearly 5.5 million individuals listed on this compiled file.
Selections: Hotlines, gender, phone number, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $85/M
Contact: Byrum & Fleming, 800-850-1711

Health Care Plus Card Buyers and Registrants
This file makes available 28,000 last-30-day buyers and registrants to this healthcare program.
Selections: Age, fundraiser rate, gender, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $85/M
Contact: Gnames Advantage, 972-871-2828

Lists and Database News

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DefinitiveData Database

Armonk, NY-based Definitive Data Inc., a subsidiary of L.I.S.T. Inc. has launched a new business-to-business and information technology database. The DefinitiveData database contains more than 12.3 million names and 850 selection categories. It

Lists and Database News

Posted on by Chief Marketer Staff

Business & Legal Reports

MeritDirect has assumed management of a portfolio of Business & Legal Reports lists targeting more than 1.6 million professionals. This file includes people who work in human resources, the environmental or safety fields, who purchased books, newsletter s and other Web-based products. The appointment covers seven lists, plus a new e-mail master file with 150,000 records.
Selections: Type of business, job function, area of work, employee size, gender, phone number, special interest, phone/fax, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $115M to $350/M
Contact: MeritDirect, 914-368-1031

Winning Edge
Name-Finders Lists Inc. is offering the updated Winning Edge list, featuring the names of 212,500 buyers and trial subscribers available. This file targets sports enthusiasts who purchased sports handicapping advice and information. The sources are telephone and the Internet.
Selections: State/SCF/ZIP
Price: $110/M
Contact Name-Finders Lists Inc., 415-955-8595, ext. 253

Checks Unlimited Republican Prospects
A new segment identifying Republican Party prospects is available from Checks Unlimited. The count is 589,560. These individuals purchased check designs with images popular with Republican voters.
Selections: Recency, cash/credit, purchase amount, state/SCF/ZIP
Price: $100/M
Contact: Mal Dunn Associates, 845-278-1200

WallPaper Magazine
Information Refinery is offering a list of 10,321 former subscribers to WallPaper Magazine reaches designers. The file includes professionals who work on commercial and residential interiors, business owners and retail sales reps.
Selections: State/SCF/ZIP
Price: $115/M
Contact: Information Refinery, 201-529-2600


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