Kelly Services Boosts Lead Generation Tactics

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

Global staffing firm Kelly Services has been using to help land and grow accounts while also using it as their de-facto lead generation tool, allowing them to identify almost 6,500 new contacts in the United States, Canada, Singapore, India, New Zealand, the UK, and Australia last year.

Since utilizing the system, Kelly has realized a 35.4% increase in new opportunities with prospects and a 51.8% increase in wins with prospects.

The over 60-year-old Fortune 500, based in Detroit, hires over 500,000 temporary employees annually. Temps are placed not only in what many consider Kelly’s “traditional” niche of clerical, but in other verticals such as high tech, life sciences and legal services.

Kelly started working with Saleforce’s in early 2012, with an angle towards empowering local sales representatives to find new customers and build relationships with them says Dave McDermott, director of sales enablement at Kelly Services.

An initial test project in the Midwest helped reps find between 200 to 500 new prospects, and validate their contact information prior to initial contact. A surprising amount of business was actually booked during that validation process. “We hadn’t anticipated it being successful [that quickly],” notes McDermott, adding that the system was rolled out across Kelly’s entire sales team by last August.

Kelly’s lead generation process involves a multistep process, including content marketing via white paper and other downloads, email newsleters and marketing automation using Marketo. “We track contacts, to see what they are doing, whether they are ignoring us or opening every email but just not responding to phone calls,” says McDermott.

Internal lead generation consultants are seasoned in Kelly’s various staffing solutions, with expertise in specific vertials to help them speak to customers and prospects. ROI is judged on the amount of business won.

“Our goal is to always have the right person talk to the right customer,” he says. “We’ve gotten good at segmenting and tracking what type of information individuals are interested in.”





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