Jolt Soda Relaunches Brand with Sampling Program

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Jolt Soda is hitting the streets of southern California with a guerrilla marketing and sampling campaign.

Using a “Swat-Style” vehicle, the Jolt Patrol will visit 125 high traffic locations
in San Bernardino, Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange counties through May. The goal: to sample Jolt products while bringing the brand irreverent sense of humor to the energy drink category, the company said.

More than 150,000 full-sized samples of Jolt soda will be distributed through the eight-week campaign. Some 2,200 retro-style Jolt branded T-shirts and branded decals will also be passed out to people who interact with the Jolt Patrol brand ambassadors and participate in on site activities.

For example, visitors can try their luck at Grocery Cart Bowling into inflatable Jolt cans. The promotion is part of a brand re-launch in the southern California region.

Jolt, a Wet Planet Beverages brand, has also signed on as sponsor of the Greater Los Angeles division of the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA). Branded coolers with product samples will be available for participants at each game of the 11-league association around the area.

Brand ambassadors will also hand out product locator cards that are customized to the location where it is activating. Each card will list four to 10 retail locations that carry Jolt within a two-mile area to drive sales.

Makai Inc. is handling the strategy, branding creative and the campaign’s execution.

Jolt soda launched in 1985 as an alternative to coffee using the slogan, “Twice the Caffeine.” In 2005, the brand rolled out the Jolt Battery Bottle, a 23.5-ounce resealable aluminum bottle. Last year, it transitioned itself from an added value soft drink to an energy drink, adding taurine, guarana, ginseng and B vitamins to the formula.

The product is available in seven flavors, including Power Cola, Cherry Bomb, Orange Blast, Blue Raspberry, Wild Grape, Passion Fruit and Ultra (sugar free).

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