Global Media Intelligence Report: 2013 Year in Review

By: Neustar
Length: 22 pages
Type: White Paper

The goal of Neustar’s Global Media Intelligence Report is to inform marketers about industry trends in 2013 so that they can better optimize their media planning and buying. The report covers key insights into cost, customer engagement and reach, and channel influence, as seen by one of the industry’s leaders in information services and analytics. The report also looks at key metrics around impressions and actions by campaign type, online and offline channel influence, and offline first-party customer data performance compared to advertiser average.

The Neustar Aggregate Knowledge Media Intelligence Platform has the data that Fortune 500 advertisers and agencies need to keep up with the explosion of digital channels and more efficiently spend their media dollars. The data analyzed for this report covered approximately 145 billion ad events, 61 billion impressions, and 10.5 million conversions.

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