For the File: Tips for Incorporating Content in Promotions

Posted on by Brian Quinton

Planning a promotion or marketing campaign where content plays a role? The following will help keep you on course and hopefully provide some food for thought:

Think Long Term. How can we use this opportunity to create a marketing platform we can leverage ongoing?

Be Resourceful. What assets do we already own that can be repurposed, revamped or redone? Is there public data or an API (social networks, etc.) we can use? What media partnerships could be forged with brands that already have content our consumers want?

Stay Relevant. What can we create that consumers will find of value? What will put a smile on their face or change their livesfor the better?

Treat it Like an Investment. Marketing-related content we create or generate via our users is an investment in assets we can reuse and repurpose as our marketing efforts evolve.

Be Patient! Payoffs are not always immediate.

Fill Gaps in the Niche. What’s missing and what are people demanding?

Be Clever and Get More Play. Appear non-competitive and offer something the big guys don’t have—done right, the competitors will link to your content!

Don’t half-ass it. Content marketing works—that’s why six out of 10 marketers increased their content marketing budgets last year. It’s only going to get more crowded and cream rises to the top.

Understand Your Targets. If you’re creating content for specific types of consumers, then you better understand their lifestyles. If not, hire someone who does to create the strategy.

Have Fun- Be Creative! Content marketing is fun and an opportunity to be creative in countless ways. Embrace it!

David Albert, is senior vice president, digital product development at Upshot, a Promo 100 agency. He also writes for The Awesome Blog and can be reached at


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