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July 02, 2013

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5 Tips for Improving Video Marketing
Effective Marketing Software Integration — What You Need to Know
5 Lead Generation Case Studies that Buck Best Practices
Exclusive Mobile Marketing Research

5 Tips for Improving Video Marketing

By Jeremy Vest

video marketingAs the Internet changes the way prospects access products and services, businesses must focus on new ways to reach their target. Video marketing is one way. Here are five simple content marketing tips to apply to your video strategy today. 


Effective Marketing Software Integration — What You Need to Know

By Chandar Pattabhiram

marketingsoftware595Here's an update on effective marketing software integration that every marketer needs to know to deliver a rewarding customer experience. This article goes into depth on the three keys digital marketers need to enable: integration, intelligence and interaction.


5 Lead Generation Case Studies that Buck Best Practices

(Visual Website Optimizer Blog)

lead generationIf all lead generation converion optimization best practices led to positive outcomes for everyone all the time, it'd be such a wonderful world. But that's not the reality. Best practices can lead to negative test results. To offer a fresher perspective, here are five lead generation case studies that buck so-called conversion best practices.


Exclusive Mobile Marketing Research

By Chief Marketer Staff

Chief Marketer Mobile Marketing SurveyConsumers’ online lives are increasingly mobile, and marketers are running fast to keep up. Chief Marketer’s Mobile Marketing Survey dishes up the details including: Where marketers are investing their mobile budget dollars; The importance of mobile apps; How mobile display fits into the picture; Challenges marketers face in launching mobile campaign


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