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August 06, 2013

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8 Big Sweepstakes Mistakes
A Beautiful Client Relationship Begins by Saying ‘No’
Event Marketing is Celebrity Cruises New Model
New Mobile Website Helps Deb Shops Improve Search Experience

8 Big Sweepstakes Mistakes

Jed West

sweepstakes mistakes

Sweepstakes likely seem pretty straightforward to the player—enter here for a chance to win a prize. But for the agencies behind the scenes life can be complicated. Here are eight sweepstakes mistakes to avoid.


A Beautiful Client Relationship Begins by Saying ‘No’

Matt Owens

agency partnersWhen entering a new agency and client relationship, saying “no” might be the last thing you want to do. After all, you want to set the tone for a strong relationship that lasts for year, so your focus immediately turns to giving he client exactly what he wants. But saying NO is a valuable and necessary option for both parties. Here’s when to draw the line with clients:


Event Marketing is Celebrity Cruises New Model

By Patricia Odell

Celebrity Cruises event marketingCelebrity Cruises is using event marketing in 10 major U.S. markets to reach—and sell to—consumers face-to-face. Much of the work is new to the cruise line. Sheri Pasternak is the director of sales for the Northeast, now also in charge of marketing there. She gives us all the details on ways the company is reaching out to people in that area. Some good ideas to steal!

New Mobile Website Helps Deb Shops Improve Search Experience

By Jason Hahn

deb-355Deb Shops—a retailer specializing in clothing and accessories for junior- and plus-size women ages 13-24—launched its first mobile site in the spring of 2012, and started working with Big Data marketing platform BloomReach at the end of last year to help improve both its desktop and mobile websites.


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