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June 07, 2013

Chief DIRECT Marketer
Foursquare Paid Promotions in Trial With Small Businesses
Swiffer Suffers Backlash Over ‘Rosie the Riveter’ Ad
3 Tips for Branded Content Marketing on Tumblr
Marketing Automation Consolidation—Why Now?
Brand Value Has New Definition For Millennial Marketing
Vitriol Online for Cheerios Ad With Interracial Family

Foursquare Paid Promotions in Trial With Small Businesses

John McDermott (Ad Age)

Foursquare paid promotionsFoursquare has for the first time begun testing paid promotions with small businesses, expanding a service that had been limited to national brands. To date, small businesses on Foursquare have only been able to advertise by offering discounts to a user after he or she checked-in to that location. Some merchants can now lure in nearby customers promoting a photo of a dish or glowing review. Here's what you need to know to get in on the action. FULL ARTICLE

Swiffer Suffers Backlash Over ‘Rosie the Riveter’ Ad

Alexandar (Wall Street Journal)

swifferTo promote its new steamer, kitchen products giant Swiffer created a marketing campaign around Rosie, a World War II icon made famous by a Westinghouse poster. Rosie was a symbol of female empowerment in the workplace throughout the 1940s; in its ads, the Proctor & Gamble owned-company returned the icon to household labor. Not a good idea according to many.


3 Tips for Branded Content Marketing on Tumblr

Tessa Wegert (Content Marketing Institute)

branded content marketingWhatever Yahoo’s $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr means from an advertising standpoint, Tumblr will place a priority on retaining its viability as a branded content marketing channel through which brands can tell a story and connect with consumers. Marketers should take this as an opportunity to get familiar with best practices for integrating Tumblr in their content marketing efforts. Here's three tips ...


Marketing Automation Consolidation—Why Now?

Lisa Arthur (Forbes)

technology595The ink is barely dry on the headlines, and already the opinions are streaming in about marketing automation consolidation amid this week’s announcement that is acquiring ExactTarget. Another major acquisition made headlines in December—Oracle’s plan to acquire Eloqua. So why is consolidation around marketing automation suddenly so popular? Here are three top reasons.


Brand Value Has New Definition For Millennial Marketing

Jeff Fromm (PSFK)

brand valueThe old formula for “calculating” brand value was functional benefits plus emotional benefits divided by price. Today, that formula no longer holds weight for brands that want to engage Millennials and older generations that are adopting a similar mindset. The new definition of brand value is detailed in this article as well important ways for you to connect with this 80+ million strong consumer group.


Vitriol Online for Cheerios Ad With Interracial Family

Stuart Elliott (New York Times)

youtube595A new spot for Cheerios, heartwarming to many, began on national television on Monday and was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday. But it caused a furor for the maker of Cheerios, General Mills, because an interracial cast portrays the family. 


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