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Chief Marketer Tech Talk

Leveraging Marketing Technology to Achieve Measurable Results

September 19, 2013

Chief Tech Talk Marketer

What You Need: RFP Marketing Tech Checklist

By Josh Hill


CheckmarkBy asking clear questions about feature sets in your RFP, your technology salesperson will be able to get you clear answers faster. Here's some tips to make the most of your technology expenditures.


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Online Video: What You Need to Know

By Michael Hawtin


video-cropWhen you are setting objectives for online video, there are three buying models that require unique creative executions and consideration. Here's an overview.


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Personalization vs. Customization: How Marketers Can Deliver What Consumers Want

By Alex Lustberg


prospectingA new survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit and Lyris suggests that excessive personalization can undermine marketing effectiveness. Still, it's a highly popular tactic for many companies. What gives?


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The 7 Elements of Landing Pages That Marketers Must Test

 By Jason Hahn


landing pagesTo maximize the effectiveness of landing pages marketers must question and analyze a number of on-page elements, even if they’re satisfied with the performance. Here's 7 things you should consider.


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