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Leveraging Marketing Technology to Achieve Measurable Results

June 20, 2013

Chief Tech Talk Marketer

Live Chat: What Marketers Need to Know Before Starting the Conversation

By Laurie Petersen


In this Chief Marketer Special Report, learn why timing and approach are essential in any live chat implementation,  what you should ask vendors in your RFP, and how live chat can be a cost effective–and customer friendly–customer service option.


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Informing B2B Conversations With Content Curation

Beth Negus Viveiros


content-thinkingA whopping 60 to 70% of content produced by B2B marketing firms goes unused, sitting on portal shelves. This means there's a definite imbalance between supply and demand—and a definite need for content curation.


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Marketing Automation Consolidation—Why Now?

By Lisa Arthur (Forbes)'s recent acquisition of ExactTarget has marketers wondering why consolidation in the marketing automation space is suddenly so popular. Here are three top reasons to consider.


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