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Chief Marketer Tech Talk

Leveraging Marketing Technology to Achieve Measurable Results

August 15, 2013

Chief Tech Talk Marketer

4 Strategies to Maximize Marketing Investments for Improved Sales Productivity

By Amanda Wilson


arrows-up-wallImproving sales productivity is a key challenge for every organization. From lead gen to content creation to nurturing, modern marketing teams are using automation to help sales focus where they can make the most impact—closing business. 


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Machine Translation Technologies for Global Brands

By Keith Laska


international-flagsAs the amount of content generated by marketers continues to grow, so do the challenges faced by global organizations trying to translate that content into native languages for customers—both inside and outside the enterprise. Here's five key areas where machine translation technologies can have an impact.


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Engaging Audiences With Customer Experience Apps

By Tim Ross


Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 11.52.46 AMCustomer experience apps like Nike+ can help brands engage consumers on multiple platforms with multiple products. Learn how implementing these apps can influence customer behavior and boost brands' ROI both online and in-store.


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