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Leveraging Marketing Technology to Achieve Measurable Results

May 16, 2013

Chief Tech Talk Marketer

Big Data is Good—But Big Testing is Better

By Scott Brinker


many small light bulbs equal big oneTo succeed, marketing teams need to adapt to new technologies and learn new skill sets to make the most of the vast sea of data rushing their way every day. Learn how you can move towards true data-driven decision making.


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Solving Marketing Complexity Through Collaboration

By Paul Pellman


handshake-595A recent survey found that four in 10 CMOs feel unprepared to meet modern campaign objectives. An even greater percentage (7 of 10) said they fully expect a dramatic overhaul in corporate marketing within the next five years. What’s sometimes lost in this discussion is the role of the agency and analytics partner.


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Why The Customer Should Be Central to Inbound Efforts

By Jason Hahn


Dart hitting a targetChief Marketer recently talked with Mike Volpe, CMO of inbound marketing software at HubSpot, to get his take on trends in the inbound space. See what marketers need to know to make the most of their inbound efforts in this exclusive Q&A.


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