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Chief Marketer Tech Talk

Leveraging Marketing Technology to Achieve Measurable Results

April 25, 2013

Chief Tech Talk Marketer

Getting Ready for a New Ecommerce Platform

By Mark Eckman


cart-keys-595Post-launch business readiness is a serious issue when implementing a new ecommerce system. Not planning holistically, forgetting to watch the right metrics and not managing scope migration is where many businesses fail.


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The Future of Smart Content for Marketing

By Andrew Thomas


red-fire-computer-595Smart content today means content that is relevant and filtered to a user's location and exact needs. Learn how marketers can take advantage of new technologies and devices to make this happen.


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Data Reveals Businesses Investing in Tablets

By Beth Negus Viveiros


money-595Businesses are increasingly investing in tablets for employees instead of replacing existing laptops, according to data in Harte-Hanks Ci Technology Database. Learn where else B2B firms are putting their tech budget dollars.


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