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September 18, 2013

Chief DIRECT Marketer
Online Video: What You Need to Know
5 Ways Emotions Impact Digital Marketing Success
Personalization vs. Customization: How Marketers Can Deliver What Consumers Want

Online Video: What You Need to Know

By Michael Hawtin

video-cropWhen you are setting objectives for online video, there are three buying models that require unique creative executions and consideration. Here's an overview.


5 Ways Emotions Impact Digital Marketing Success

By Jon Fox

many small light bulbs equal big oneDigital platforms offer numerous ways for marketers to connect with consumers. But even the most advanced technology won't engage if it doesn't spark an emotional connection.


Personalization vs. Customization: How Marketers Can Deliver What Consumers Want

By Brad Mehl

prospectingIn the digital world, marketers are blessed with a plethora of tools to collect opinions, ideas and reviews from their audience. But it pays to remember that sometimes nothing is better than real face-to-face conversations when it comes to generating customer feedback.


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