Email, Search Help Drive Black Friday, Cyber Monday Spending

By Nov 27, 2012

A look at some of the pre-Black Friday messaging that hit the mark can be found here. As for Cyber Monday, here's a couple of emails of note:

Le Creuset caught my baker's eye late in the day Cyber Monday with the subject line "Get Your Free Pie Bird Before It Flies Away + Free Shipping." It's a cute special but it seems a few days late. I mean, c'mon, isn't Thanksgiving like the pie holiday of the year? This one definitely should have been a pre-Black Friday special.

Grandin Road also offered free shipping, and 26% off sitewide. Yep, 26%, since Cyber Monday was November 26. Sure, that extra 1% won't mean much financially to shoppers, but it pop out in the inbox, and getting messages opened is essential on a day when eyeballs are at a premium.

What emails did you love over the Black/Cyber Weekend? Let me know at bnegus@accessintel.com.

  • carmend888

    For me black Friday was not such an important deal. Nothing special for me to buy in that day. father of the bride speech

  • bagl8713

    Search and email both drove an insane amount of traffic to our website. Suprisingly though, we’ve seen an incredibly return from text message marketing. Everyone reads those texts and they read em the most optimal time. When we send them ;)

  • dealaboo

    Cyber Monday and Black Friday gives tons of traffic to dealaboo.com buyers and sellers both enjoyed at black friday andcyber monday.