Consumer Marketing


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Fox Family Worldwide, Los Angeles, created a consumer products division to be run by Elie Dekel, exec. vp of the new unit. The division will include licensing

New Products

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3D Phonecards Phonecards have been a lot of things in the past five years, but until Dimensional Visions Inc., Teaneck, NJ, got involved, they hadn't

Evaluation in Evolution

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In our fast-forward age, where a sense of personal superiority often rests on having a quicker modem speed than one's neighbor, it is hard to remember

On the Net

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In Business with Women: Office Depot and iVillage create site for female entrepreneurs. Special offers, sweepstakes, and contest giveaways will all be

Reclaiming Salem’s Lot

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Joe Camel may be on a respirator, but RJR's Salem cigarettes, a brand that faded from view after the industry's price rollback in 1994, is quietly going

No Subpoena Needed: Here’s the Whole Story

To everyone who has paused from watching Court TV to call me at the office, and found me missing, I've neither been indicted nor have I been subpoenaed

Promotion, America-Style

When I moved to Minnesota this summer, it wasn't to live in the shadow of the Mall of America - but I'm not complaining that that's how it turned out.