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Tips for Better Triggered Online Campaigns

By Martin Stockfleth Larsen Use of programmatic, triggered campaigns such as ad retargeting, abandoned cart efforts, ad exchanges and more have skyrocketed. Here are six tips for improving your tri

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Feb. 04 2012

Web Analytics: Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Online Marketing Dollars 1

Download the latest Web Analytics tip sheet from Chief Marketer



Jan. 26 2012

DAA’s AdChoice Icon Ads Fall Flat – And Then Some

Three new videos from the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) seek to inform consumers to the use, value and control of banner ads



Jan. 19 2012

Direct, Digital Spending Will Continue Increase in 2012

Marketers seeking reasons for optimism in 2012 should cast their eyes toward Washington, DC and London



Dec. 30 2011 and Alicia Keys: 2011 IMA Award Winner

Best Integration of a Campaign into a Brand’s Main Website | Looking to change jobs or score your first one? How would you like to be the social media voice for a recording superstar’s nonprofit organization? That was the incentive offered in a campaign developed by agency The Marketing Arm and online job lister



Oct. 17 2011

Digital Fuels Ad Spending Growth in 2012: MagnaGlobal

While it’ll be hard to characterize advertising spending as full speed ahead in 2012, at the very least it won’t be moving in reverse. U.S. advertising revenue for media owners is forecast as increasing from a projected $173.54 billion in 2011 to $178.50 billion in 2012, according to new research by MagnaGlobal.



Oct. 01 2011

Tips For More Targeted Web Ads

Where marketers once placed online ads by looking at website audiences, they can now get closer to a conversion by segmenting and targeting specific customer



Jun. 10 2011

Younger Marketers Quicker To Embrace Multichannel Efforts: Survey

Younger marketers’ use of e-mail, social and mobile channels is no surprise to anyone. But a channel use survey from Pitney Bowes did uncover another channel preference that was unexpected: Marketers under 35 are also more likely than other age groups to use direct mail in their marketing mix.



Apr. 07 2011

SocialMoms Display Ads Deliver Mommy Voices for Mrs. Meyer’s

User-generated content is a powerful marketing tool; it reinforces the tendency consumers have to trust each other over messages that come directly from marketers



Apr. 01 2011

Annual Interactive Marketing Survey: More Tools, More Tryouts

This year’s Chief Marketer Interactive Survey suggests that marketers aren’t waiting to try new tricks to capture online attention



Jan. 26 2011

Quidsi Peddles Diapers, Soap and Beauty within Facebook

Shopping within Facebook has so far been a goal rather than an accomplishment. Most of the brands that claim to drive transactions with a Facebook presence actually let Facebook users browse