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Tips for Better Triggered Online Campaigns

By Martin Stockfleth Larsen Use of programmatic, triggered campaigns such as ad retargeting, abandoned cart efforts, ad exchanges a

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Dec. 18 2006

Search in 2007: The Year of Integration

Increasingly marketers have come to view search as more than just a direct marketing vehicle. In 2007, expect this view to continue gaining momentum, bringing with it several changes,



Dec. 04 2006

Are You a New-Media Marketing Maven?

If you think it’s not easy keeping up with the fast-changing landscape of new media and the technologies that enable them, you’re right. A few years ago, no one had even heard of MySpace or YouTube



Nov. 30 2006

SEM: Should You Buy Your Own Brand?

(Searchline) In a just and well-regulated world, buying your company’s brand as a search keyword would at least guarantee that the folks who searched on that brand name would be herded to your sponsored listing, wouldn’t it?



Nov. 20 2006

2006 Search Engine Marketing Milestones for Chief Marketers

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, Americans conducted 6.6 billion searches in September 2006, up 31% from September 2005.



Oct. 29 2006

New Data on Search Marketing Click Fraud: Three Action Items

According to MarketingSherpa research data, click fraud is the new e-mail filtering.



Oct. 18 2006

The ABCs of Search Data Diving

Six years ago, you could do search engine marketing badly and still make out well, because so many other people were handling it even more ineptly.



Oct. 13 2006

GooTube? Yoogle? Whatever You Call It, It’s Big

(Searchline) No, the name won’t undergo any morphing, but the online video space seems to have changed almost overnight with the announcement late Monday that Google will buy video sharing site YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock.



Oct. 13 2006

Engaging Consumers on the Go

Clearly it’s easier to communicate and establish a connection with consumers when they’re relaxing on the beach, attending a state fair, or strolling around a mall than when they’re rushing to get to the office or to catch a train at the end of the workday.



Oct. 02 2006

A Canvas Is a Canvas

Lately I have been putting a lot of thought toward the next great marketing canvas. Sometime after my third Diet Coke I figured out that no matter what the next great canvas is, it will tragically become a commodity



Sep. 18 2006

Social Networks: or, How to Win on Friendster and Influence People

Nothing in the online advertising space has attracted more attention recently than the phenomenon of social networking. And judging by the audience numbers for these online communities, nothing probably could. (Well, if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes began renting out ad space on baby Suri’s Pampers, perhaps.)