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Under Armour Signs First Non-Athlete for Women’s Line

Andrew Adam Newman (NYT) A new spot for Under Armour will appear for the first time on Monday. Also for the first time, the brand has partnered with a non-athlete to promote its women’s line. The

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Nov. 30 2011

The Missed Opportunity of Branded “How To” Video Marketing

Years ago, I managed search campaigns for a tax software client. The volume of queries for informational keywords such as “tax advice” and “tax info” were off the charts, but we could never justify buying ads on this traffic because it was considered …



Nov. 29 2011

Break The Retail Planning Cycle By Connecting with Shopper Rhythms 4

Break The Retail Planning Cycle By Connecting with Shopper Rhythms



Oct. 11 2011

Chrysler Scavenger Hunt Drives 1 Million YouTube Views 1

Chrysler and its Dodge brand had people running around the country looking for three hidden Dodge Journey vehicles in a promotion called, “Search Engine for the Real World.”



Oct. 01 2011

Texas Instruments Aims B-to-B Marketing at its Target Audience: Product Designers 5

When your business is selling integrated circuits and microchips to be used in electronic products, you want to build and foster relationships that bring you closer to your end-user. TI defines that customer as the design engineer



Aug. 22 2011

Broker Roundtable: The Importance of YouTube as a Source of Names

Welcome to Broker Roundtable, where each week we ask list brokers to give their opinions on issues that matter to the marketing community. This week’s question: How important have YouTube and other online video sites become as sources of new names?



Aug. 17 2011

Before You “Check In”: What Loyalty Marketers Need to Know About Location-Based Services

I’ve won and lost four mayorships in the past six months. To my credit, I leveraged my time in office to earn a few kickbacks (discounted meals and a free glass of wine), but I lost each title within days of winning one. This dubious achievement doesn’t make me a bad politician—it makes me an unreliable player of Foursquare, a social check-in game.



Aug. 03 2011 Success Stories 8

With unemployment at a record high, online job site wanted to help by doing what it does best: providing people with opportunities to improve their lives by inspiring them to follow their passions and get jobs in the fields they love



Jul. 28 2011


Jun. 13 2011

7 Simple Steps to Successful Social Media Promotions

In the last few years, brands have quickly gone from seeing social media as frivolous to including social media as a necessary part of any marketing and communications plan. But while there is great promise, when it comes to promotions, many have struggled with how to go about it.



May. 25 2011

Miracle Whip Asks Consumers to Take Sides

Miracle Whip’s video/ sampling campaign uses stars like Pauly D to nudge the public into trying the brand for themselves