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5 Tips to Deliver a Killer Video Marketing Experience

By Andrew Snyder Video viewing habits are changing—and mobile is bigger than ever. People want to watch video across connected desktop, TV and mobile devices. Marketers need to adapt to this beh

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Jan. 10 2012

Online Games Add to Chuck E. Cheese In-store Entertainment 2

Chuck E. Cheese has found a niche in online games. It’s latest, Chuck E. Blocks, challenges kids and their families to balance falling cubes on a paddle for a chance to win up to 50 free tickets



Dec. 31 2011

Big Idea Skintimate: 2011 IMA Award Winner 2

2011 IMA Award winner, Best Use of Online Contest or Sweepstakes for Lead Generation | Almost 5,000 teenage girls signed up for an essay video contest branded by Skintimate Signature Scents for the chance to become a member of one of two crews of nine girls to be flown to Hollywood to produce a film and edit a short movie



Dec. 31 2011

Crane Blue Book: 2011 IMA Award Winner

Best Use of Branded Web Game(s) | Crane’s products include cards and stationery, are premium-priced and, until recently, were available only in fine paper stores.
Rosetta built the company a Facebook page, but it needed a hook to draw friends and likes



Dec. 13 2011

Seven Rules for Getting Started in Gamification 1

Gamification is the process of making the expected fun – or at least a little more interesting. Here’s how you can get started incorporating gamifcation into your marketing and loyalty campaigns



Nov. 30 2011

The Missed Opportunity of Branded “How To” Video Marketing

Years ago, I managed search campaigns for a tax software client. The volume of queries for informational keywords such as “tax advice” and “tax info” were off the charts, but we could never justify buying ads on this traffic because it was considered …



Nov. 11 2011

Content Curation Helps Connance Focus Online Messaging

Hospital business office systems provider Connance is using content curation to gather online content to generate leads and hone its messaging. The sales cycle can be slow when dealing with a function of a healthcare institution that is not on the clinical side, so being a trusted source of information for prospects is crucial.



Oct. 11 2011

Tony’s Pizza Revs Gamer Appeal with EA Racing Promotion 1

Tony’s Pizza is offering on-pack access codes for 5-day rental of a virtual race car in EA’s Need for Speed World MMO racing game.



Oct. 01 2011

(Radio-)Active Links

If you want a longer-lasting link, get it on video. Shared links from YouTube have a mean half life of 7.4 hours, compared to 2.8 hours for links shared on Twitter



Sep. 16 2010

Scion Revs New Coupe with Web Driving Game

Toyota’s Scion line is looking to build buzz among the young-driver set for its new tC Coupe with a cross-platform campaign that includes a highly engaging augmented reality online driving gam