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5 Tips to Deliver a Killer Video Marketing Experience

By Andrew Snyder Video viewing habits are changing—and mobile is bigger than ever. People want to watch video across connected desktop, TV and mobile devices. Marketers need to adapt to this beh

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Jul. 09 2012

Five Tips for Effective Localized Marketing 3

How does your marketing team ensure that your brand is being prominently placed in search results and appropriately considered by consumers near your brand



Jun. 06 2012

Walgreens Powers Multi-Touch Strategy With Mobile, Social and Ecommerce 29

Thenation’s populace is getting progressively older, with new healthcare needs; and you’re facing new competition



May. 04 2012

Scion Revs Up: Buzz-worthy Web Content Helps Carmaker Reach New Generation 3

In preparation for a pair of new model launches this year, Scion transitioned its website to a new HTML-5-based platform, resulting in quicker load times, greater interactivity and more content abilities for the brand.



Mar. 07 2012

Chevy Sonic’s Web Presence Pushes Content as Much as Cars 5

Chevy rolled out the entire content package last month around its Super Bowl ad featuring a sky-diving, bungee-jumping, kickflipping Sonic, with a web site,, full of clips relating to the stunt driving and music that went into that 60-second spot



Feb. 16 2012

Red Rose Stirs Sharing with Ecard Valentine Promotion

Red Rose Tea is stirring brand fans’ memories of shared times with friends in an ecard Valentine campaign.



Feb. 14 2012


Feb. 08 2012

CPG Web Visitors Shop Those Brands More in Stores: Study

Shoppers who visit the web sites for consumer packaged goods brands before setting foot in a store spend up to 37% more on those brands in store than those who did not come to the web sites, according to new research from Accenture, comScore and dunnhumby USA



Jan. 19 2012

SOPA: What’s Bad for the Internet is Bad for Marketers

When you look closer at the language and provisions of SOPA, you see that it could fundamentally change some of the common things you do as a marketer or merchant



Jan. 10 2012

Online Games Add to Chuck E. Cheese In-store Entertainment 2

Chuck E. Cheese has found a niche in online games. It’s latest, Chuck E. Blocks, challenges kids and their families to balance falling cubes on a paddle for a chance to win up to 50 free tickets



Dec. 31 2011

Big Idea Skintimate: 2011 IMA Award Winner 2

2011 IMA Award winner, Best Use of Online Contest or Sweepstakes for Lead Generation | Almost 5,000 teenage girls signed up for an essay video contest branded by Skintimate Signature Scents for the chance to become a member of one of two crews of nine girls to be flown to Hollywood to produce a film and edit a short movie