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How Brands are Sneaking Ads onto Vine

Kurt Wagner (Mashable) Brands are utilizing a form of stealth advertising, paying the platform's most popular users to "organically" push products to their massive followings. (Brands already use V

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Dec. 04 2012

Social Connections Paying off for Brands: Study 2

All that hard work brand managers have been putting into social media appears to be paying off. Some 70% of consumers in a new study from SocialVibe, conducted by GfK, reported making a purchase as a result of participating with a brand socially.



Nov. 29 2012

UGG VP Marketing on Tom Brady’s Impact on the Brand 1

Nancy Mamann, vice president of marketing, UGG Australia, talks about the impact quarterback Tom Brady’s participation has had on the brand.



Nov. 15 2012

4 Ways Marketers Can Use Private Pinterest Pinboards 2

Secret pinboards are the latest do-da from Pinterest offering an element of mystery for brand marketers to tap into in a number of interesting ways.



Sep. 24 2012


Sep. 18 2012

How to Make Your Online Contest Cheater-Proof 4

Players who cheat contests are a real concern for agencies and brands. Learn the most vulnerable elements, how these elements get hacked and how to prevent attacks.



Sep. 05 2012

Consumers Are Thinking Omnichannel—And Brands Should Too 2

Customers don’t distinguish their experiences with a brand by a particular channel. Marketers need to catch up, and make their customer data accessible to every touchpoint a customer comes in contact with throughout the enterprise.



Aug. 26 2012

Marketers Should Let Their Emotions Get The Better of Them 3

In brand advertising, going for the gut yields the gold, according to BrainJuicer’s Orlando Wood. Marketers who tap into the emotional appeal of their ads will also realize quantifiable results — both in terms of viral impact and hard sales metrics such as increased sales and reduced price sensitivity.



Aug. 18 2012

Consumer Social Media Data Difficult, Rewarding to Analyze: Q&A 3

Social media is a rich data source, if your brand is up to the task of mining it safely and well. Chief Marketer spoke with Ben Salmon, global solutions owner at Pitney Bowes Software, about the challenges and potential rewards of incorporating this data into marketing campaigns.



Aug. 09 2012

Video Helps Plastic Manufacturer Kydex Reach Designers 2

Online videos highlighting the custom color possibilities of its products has helped thermoplastic manufacturer Kydex expand their core audience to designers.



Aug. 09 2012

Use Message Maps To Monitor Your Social Presence

To secure peace of mind that outbound social media posts are being written with approved content, marketers should consider developing a message map