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Honey Maid Responds to Anti-gay Comments: Video

Nathalie Tadena (CMO Today) The Honey Maid brand took a real bashing over its March ad showing interracial and same-sex families. It responded with Read and Discuss

Jan. 03 2013

6 Influencer Marketing Trends for 2013

Influencer marketing has experienced explosive growth. Here’s what’s trending for the New Year.



Dec. 20 2012

Power Pack: Ideas and Trendsetters to Watch in 2013 1

From brands ranging from Craftsman and KFC to IKEA and Coca-Cola, read about campaigns that tap into trends all marketers will be grappling with in 2013.



Dec. 17 2012

4 New Social Media Opportunities in the New Year 3

Social media as a marketing tool made great strides in 2012. What can you do to take social marketing to the next level?



Dec. 04 2012

5 Pinterest Pointers for the Holidays

It takes a combination of common sense and creativity to get the most return from your efforts on Pinterest. Here are few suggestions:




Dec. 04 2012

Social Connections Paying off for Brands: Study 2

All that hard work brand managers have been putting into social media appears to be paying off. Some 70% of consumers in a new study from SocialVibe, conducted by GfK, reported making a purchase as a result of participating with a brand socially.



Nov. 29 2012

UGG VP Marketing on Tom Brady’s Impact on the Brand 1

Nancy Mamann, vice president of marketing, UGG Australia, talks about the impact quarterback Tom Brady’s participation has had on the brand.



Nov. 15 2012

4 Ways Marketers Can Use Private Pinterest Pinboards 2

Secret pinboards are the latest do-da from Pinterest offering an element of mystery for brand marketers to tap into in a number of interesting ways.



Sep. 24 2012


Sep. 18 2012

How to Make Your Online Contest Cheater-Proof 4

Players who cheat contests are a real concern for agencies and brands. Learn the most vulnerable elements, how these elements get hacked and how to prevent attacks.



Sep. 05 2012

Consumers Are Thinking Omnichannel—And Brands Should Too 2

Customers don’t distinguish their experiences with a brand by a particular channel. Marketers need to catch up, and make their customer data accessible to every touchpoint a customer comes in contact with throughout the enterprise.