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Posting a Video on YouTube? 4 Steps to SEO it.

David Ahn (Social Media Impact) We all know that video can be a key ingredient in the marketing mix, but did you know that search-engine optimizing the video is often forgotten. This article points

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May. 30 2012

How to Drive Engagement on Pinterest: Duncan Hines, eBay, One Kings Lane 3

Best practices for engaging followers on Pinterest with examples from socially innovative brands eBay and One Kings Lane.



May. 22 2012

Twitter Helps Sell an Undiscovered Wine Region 3

A combination of Twitter and blogger outreach helped the Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office put the Old Dominion State into the wine conversation.



Mar. 01 2012

Why Your Brand Should Get Active in Pinterest—and How 4

Pinterest is the latest social platform to draw marketers’ attention for its swift user growth and its abaility to drive traffic to web sites. The rules are still being made, but here’s some sound thinking on how to get pinning, and winning.



Feb. 16 2012

Red Rose Stirs Sharing with Ecard Valentine Promotion

Red Rose Tea is stirring brand fans’ memories of shared times with friends in an ecard Valentine campaign.




Feb. 15 2012

The Best of the Best: Four Game Changing Ideas from IMA Winners

All of these campaigns offer valuable lessons that marketers can apply to their own promotional efforts in 2012



Feb. 14 2012


Feb. 01 2012

Eukanuba Facebook Fan Pets to Appear in 2013 Calendar 3

People love their pets, and just like their kids, they love to post photos of the creatures for all their friends to see.

Eukanuba, a P&G brand, has launched a contest that strikes at the hearts and minds of pet owners everywhere: post a photo of your Boxer or Spaniel for the world to see. Oh, and, by the way, you could win a year’s supply of dog food.



Jan. 31 2012

Super Bowl Ads Offer ROI Measurement Challenges 1

While the big game may not offer the same ease in calculating financial-based ROI metrics a direct marketing campaign does, there are measurements marketers can generate that validate the investment



Dec. 19 2011

GetGlue Connects Entertainment Marketers With Fans 1

As TV watchers, moviegoers and readers increasingly consume entertainment with tablets and smartphones at their sides, the potential for marketers to connect with them via another screen becomes more and more enticing. Enter GetGlue, which wants to become the social hub for entertainment.