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4 Tips for Multi-Device Measurement

By Bill Muller Linking the activity and marketing touch points of users across multiple devices so their entire journey can be tracked and analyzed remains a key challenge for marketers. A recent s

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Dec. 12 2011

SEO on the Go: Recognize the Differences When Formatting for Mobile Search

New research by Convario shows that mobile search and attribution modeling across multiple digital media types are the two most important issues to search marketers in 2012



Nov. 01 2011

Tips for Leveraging Mobile Marketing Email 1

To make the most of mobile email, however, it’s critical that you think beyond the traditional messages you send to your customer’s desktop PC. Obviously you must optimize the physical format of the email to the device. But just as important is leveraging the mindset and motivation of mobile users.



Oct. 26 2011

How Mobile Insight Can Inform Online and Offline Marketing

Mobile devices potentially offer marketers more personal data about their audiences than ever before, and this data should inform the direction of marketers’ mobile strategies. Maxymiser’s Mark Simpson offers three steps for using consumer data collected from mobile programs to improve sales and marketing efforts across all channels.



Sep. 08 2011

Craft a Winning B-to-B Email Strategy from the Start

If you want to have a great B-to-B email program that generates solid leads, the beginning is a great place to start. That means asking the right questions on your sign-up form, crafting an engaging welcome email and enticing your prospects to open that email with a solid subject line. Megan Feltes, sales content specialist with email marketing service Emma, shares some best practices she’s learned through working with clients and crafting the company’s own lead-gen strategy.



Aug. 08 2011

The Top 5 Mobile Web Mistakes – And How to Avoid them 1

The mobile web holds tremendous potential as a channel for building customer relationships, loyalty and revenues, but there are several common mistakes companies make on the road to mobile web success



Jun. 13 2011

Many Roads to Mobility

Chief Marketer’s 2011 Mobile Marketing Survey tracks the way brands are going where the customers go



May. 31 2011

Optimizing your eCommerce Site for Mobile

Mobile is marketing’s most portable and accessible channel. It puts brands literally in the palm of their customers’ hands. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the lure of proximity marketing is often overshadowed by impatience. Companies enticed by the promise of personal access to their customers often suffer a similar fate—a quick-and-dirty approach to mobile commerce which is marked by a brand’s attempt to recreate its entire website for the mobile platform.



Apr. 25 2011, Roll Out Smartphone Apps that Work Offline, Too

Mobile commerce is often great in theory and hideous or frustrating in practice. Not only are the screens small, the product shots hard to see and the checkout pages difficult to type into