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Is Location a Vital Data Point in Mobile Targeting?

By Kurt Hawks In real estate, location is the end all, be all. But lately it appears that some mobile marketers are applying that same principle to their campaigns. Which begs the question: sho

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Oct. 01 2011

Stocking the Shelves for M-Commerce

If you’re waiting for the full-blown arrival of shopping over mobile devices, hold the phone



Aug. 09 2011

Mobilizing Mobile Shoppers: A Strategy Beyond Coupons

For retailers, mobile technology is providing new strategic opportunities to overcome problems associated with traditional loyalty programs – but there’s more to mobile loyalty than offering coupons



Jun. 28 2011

Consumers, Marketers Adapt to Mobile At Different Speeds: Survey

Consumers use smartphones to supplement, not supplant, other devices for shopping, and marketers’ use of mobile-enabled campaigns is lagging consumer adoption of the devices, according to a survey from Google and the Mobile Marketing Association.



Jun. 22 2011

AmEx’s Paskalis Gives Ten Tips For Brand Marketers Using Mobile

Brands don’t get to be 160 years old without being adaptable. Lou Paskalis, American Express’s vice president of global media, content developing and mobile marketing, offers a double handful of considerations for companies—established and emerging—entering the mobile space.



Jun. 13 2011

Many Roads to Mobility

Chief Marketer’s 2011 Mobile Marketing Survey tracks the way brands are going where the customers go



May. 31 2011

Optimizing your eCommerce Site for Mobile

Mobile is marketing’s most portable and accessible channel. It puts brands literally in the palm of their customers’ hands. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the lure of proximity marketing is often overshadowed by impatience. Companies enticed by the promise of personal access to their customers often suffer a similar fate—a quick-and-dirty approach to mobile commerce which is marked by a brand’s attempt to recreate its entire website for the mobile platform.



May. 05 2011

Email And The Chinese Market: One Billion Opportunities, One Billion Potential Pitfalls

There’s a temptation for direct marketers to approach mainland China as just another collection of 1.34 billion potential customers. The English language has a word that describes this tactic.


To illustrate a simple yet significant difference between Chinese consumers and westerners, consider how the U.S. direct industry would fare if people didn’t have ready access to credit cards. In China credit cards are relatively new…



Apr. 26 2011

Social Coupons Add Mobility for Real-time Deals 14

As the separate successes of Groupon and LivingSocial have shown, people are hot for deep discounts on local purchases from dining to sky-diving to laser hair removal. In most cases, those deals are bought on the Web or over an app and delivered via email; they usually stay available for 24 hours and can be redeemed inside a pretty open window of a few months.



Apr. 25 2011, Roll Out Smartphone Apps that Work Offline, Too

Mobile commerce is often great in theory and hideous or frustrating in practice. Not only are the screens small, the product shots hard to see and the checkout pages difficult to type into



Jan. 05 2010

Kahzam Acquires SMS Text Coupon Firm 1

Web platform development firm Kahzam, Inc. will acquire LLC, a firm which provides SMS text coupons.