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Is Location a Vital Data Point in Mobile Targeting?

By Kurt Hawks In real estate, location is the end all, be all. But lately it appears that some mobile marketers are applying that sa

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May. 09 2012

Peapod Tries On Tesco’s Mcommerce Approach

Online grocer Peapod is taking a successful marketing play from South Korea and giving it a Big Shoulders spin by letting Chicago subway riders shop for groceries via bar-code scans. But infrastructure differences may keep this pilot from taking off as it has in Seoul.



Mar. 28 2012

Synonym-Aided Search Boosts Guess’s Website Performance

Shoppers have thousands of ways to ask for products they want. But if a marketer’s website can’t recognize those requests, the opportunity to make a sale vanishes. Guess Inc. is using a new website platform that recognizes a wide variety of synonyms entered into search engines to direct prospects to relevant offerings.
The fashion marketer’s organic search efforts have paid off, attracting customers more likely to want specific products–and pay premium prices for them–rather than pulling in bargain hunters.



Mar. 23 2012

Citi Targets Tablet Banking App to Kindle Fire

Marketers not willing to write off the Android tablet audience are faced with a problem: Which Android device to create those apps for? In March Citibank answered that question by placing its first official Android bet on the Kindle Fire, the tablet launched last September by Amazon.



Feb. 16 2012

Smartphone Users Aim for Apps Over Mobile Web 1

If you’re torn between developing a mobile app or optimizing your Web site, consider what device users you’re targeting



Feb. 11 2012

Half of Top Luxury Brands Are “Feeble” in Mobile: Study

A new report that examines the mobile capabilities of 100 top brands in luxury categories from fashion and hospitality to beauty/skincare and jewelry gives failing grades to almost half of those brands’ mobile portals.



Dec. 13 2011

Mobile Users, Flummoxed By Log-In, Search and Payment Problems, Tweet Their Woes

Think consumers are willing to cut the mobile channel some slack due to its newness? Think again. Among adults who made a purchase via a mobile device during the past year, 85% expect the experience to be better than purchases made through a laptop or desktop computer, according to a study of online chatter. And 41% of the comments made about some of the top mobile-using retailers reflected a fair amount of frustration.



Dec. 08 2011

Mobile, Social Data Transforming Marketing for the Holidays—And Beyond 9

Almost every CMO went into Black Friday and CyberMonday with one thought in mind: shoppers are more price-sensitive than ever before. But what actually happened on Black Friday and CyberMonday radically shifted the conversation. Consumers spent like mad—online and on mobile devices.



Nov. 30 2011

Black Friday Round-Up: More DMers Connect With Shoppers via Mobile, Social

Midnight store openings may get the most press, but direct marketers claimed their share of Black Friday dollars, thanks in large part to mobile and social initiatives.



Oct. 01 2011

Stocking the Shelves for M-Commerce

If you’re waiting for the full-blown arrival of shopping over mobile devices, hold the phone



Aug. 09 2011

Mobilizing Mobile Shoppers: A Strategy Beyond Coupons

For retailers, mobile technology is providing new strategic opportunities to overcome problems associated with traditional loyalty programs – but there’s more to mobile loyalty than offering coupons