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iBeacons, Apple’s Passbook and Customer Engagement

The introduction of beacon technology has presented both retailers and consumers with new – and largely untapped – opportunities for engagement. While the industry is abuzz with its benefits, how

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Apr. 16 2013

The Future of Smart Content for Marketing

GPS has come a long way since it was first introduced as American military technology in 1973.




Apr. 10 2013

Data Reveals Businesses Investing in Tablets

Businesses are increasingly investing in tablets for employees instead of replacing existing…




Apr. 04 2013

U.S. Consumers Spend 80% of Their Mobile Time on Apps

If your company doesn’t have an app or run in-app ads, Simon Khalaf of Flurry has some new data that might spur you to change that.




Apr. 04 2013

Special Report: One Voice—Reaching Your Customers With An Integrated Marketing Strategy

Creating an integrated marketing message that speaks clearly to your consumers and prospects in every channel is the focus of Chief Marketer’s first quarterly strategy guide.



Aug. 03 2012

2012 PRO Award Winner: SpyderLynk for Glamour Magazine

To build awareness around its March issue, Glamour created additional mobile shopping experiences prior to the issue’s publication.



Jun. 06 2012

Walgreens Powers Multi-Touch Strategy With Mobile, Social and Ecommerce 29

Thenation’s populace is getting progressively older, with new healthcare needs; and you’re facing new competition



Jun. 05 2012

Chief Marketer 2012 Mobile Marketing Survey: Mobile Goes With Everything 16

More than half (51%) of the marketers polled for the CM 2012 Mobile Marketing Survey said they will use the channel to link mobile prospects to other platforms. But just as many say they will run campaigns that exist entirely on the mobile device, reflecting the fact that mobile is where customers live, linger and don’t always leave.



May. 09 2012

Peapod Tries On Tesco’s Mcommerce Approach

Online grocer Peapod is taking a successful marketing play from South Korea and giving it a Big Shoulders spin by letting Chicago subway riders shop for groceries via bar-code scans. But infrastructure differences may keep this pilot from taking off as it has in Seoul.



Mar. 28 2012

Synonym-Aided Search Boosts Guess’s Website Performance

Shoppers have thousands of ways to ask for products they want. But if a marketer’s website can’t recognize those requests, the opportunity to make a sale vanishes. Guess Inc. is using a new website platform that recognizes a wide variety of synonyms entered into search engines to direct prospects to relevant offerings.
The fashion marketer’s organic search efforts have paid off, attracting customers more likely to want specific products–and pay premium prices for them–rather than pulling in bargain hunters.



Mar. 23 2012

Citi Targets Tablet Banking App to Kindle Fire

Marketers not willing to write off the Android tablet audience are faced with a problem: Which Android device to create those apps for? In March Citibank answered that question by placing its first official Android bet on the Kindle Fire, the tablet launched last September by Amazon.