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Emails We Love: Back to School Round-Up

If you’re a parent, you’re in one or two camps this week. You’re either elated that the kids are finally out of the house and back in school, or, you’re as grumpy as the kids about school star

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Dec. 31 2011

Marriott Rewards eNews: 2011 IMA Award Winner

2011 IMA Award winner, Best Email Marketing Campaign | The loyalty program, Marriott Rewards, mails monthly the email newsletter eNews, to its millions of worldwide members. The newsletter was too long and wordy for today’s fast-paced, digital-savvy consumer, and it needed updating with a more contemporary, easier-to-read format.



Dec. 31 2011

Kirkland’s Glee Spree Holiday Campaign: 2011 IMA Award Winner

2011 IMA Award winner, Best Cross-Platform Direct-Response Campaign Using Interactive Channels | To generate quality leads and refresh the retailer’s database, agency Redpepper used the web and instore “ambushes.”



Dec. 19 2011

Mobile Email Recipients Not Saving Messages to Read Later on Desktop: Surveys 1

All marketers know that mobile devices enable consumers to check email whenever and where ever they want. But what they might not be considering is that once consumers read an email on their tablet or phone, they’re necessarily not saving it to follow-up on later on their desktop.



Dec. 07 2011

Holiday Email Watch: Gymboree Builds Synergy, But Fisher-Price is Slow

My home’s halls haven’t quite been decked yet, but it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my email inbox. Here’s a quick look at some of the offers that have come my way this week. While none are particularly naughty, some are a lot nicer than …



Dec. 06 2011

Reminder Emails Boost 1-800-Flowers Sales 1

1-800-Flowers is making heavy use of email reminders to encourage blooms as gifts for every occasion.



Nov. 29 2011

Marketers Increase Email Use On Black Friday

Black Friday saw many brick and mortar retailers promoting themselves primarily through email, although pure-play online marketers weren’t shy about using email to cash in on consumers’ post-Thanksgiving shopping urges, either.



Oct. 26 2011

Email Tricks and Treats

One of the best parts of Halloween was always dumping out the Trick or Treat bag at the end of the night, to see what kind of haul you got. I did the same with my inbox this morning. Here’s what I found. The Natick Collection sent an email invite to …



Oct. 12 2011

Email is StubHub’s Ticket to Cut Through the Noise

So how frequently do you email your best customers? Have you considered contacting them less? That’s what StubHub is doing, by making an effort to let high volume users of the service know they have the choice to opt out of emails that are …



Aug. 02 2011

Back to the Basics: How to Optimize Your List

Here’s some of the basic best practices to review to make sure your subscriber list is flawless before you hit send.



Jul. 12 2011

In Email, Breaking Up is Easy to Do for Consumers

Chip House, senior director of relationship marketing, ExactTarget, notes that in recent research his company has done with 1,500 consumers about why they “break up” with a brand’s email communications, the reason is usually because of the marketer’s behavior.