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Emails We Love: Back to School Round-Up

If you’re a parent, you’re in one or two camps this week. You’re either elated that the kids are finally out of the house and back in school, or, you’re as grumpy as the kids about school star

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Jun. 18 2012

Five Clues Online Customers May Be Cheating (And How Data Can Win Them Back)

U.S. consumers spent $194.3 billion online in 2011, yet Forrester Research notes that for every $80 companies spent driving traffic to their sites, they spent only $1 trying to convert those visitors into customers. Given how much revenue is up for grabs, and how little companies are spending to stake their claim to it, there are huge opportunities for marketers willing to commit to rewarding, incentivizing and personalizing their visitors' experiences.



Jun. 13 2012

Q&A: Creating a Winning B2B Landing Page 1

The rules for landing pages are different in the business-to-business (B2B) arena than they are for consumer marketers. Adam Blitzer, co-founder and COO of Pardot, discusses how what marketers should be aware of, and how they can make the most of these differences.



Jun. 02 2012

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Makes Online Tracking Opt In. Deal, Marketers 4

There's a throwaway line in Microsoft's Windows 8 preview announcement that could completely overhaul online data collection.




May. 30 2012

Social, Mobile, Email Lead Marketing Investments: DMA/Winterberry Study 2

Spending on, and revenue from, direct marketing channels is up — but not all channels are equal, according to a new study from the Direct Marketing Association and Winterberry Group.



May. 09 2012

Web Analysis Proves Big Businesses are Viable for Avery Office Products 4

Avery Dennison’s business-to-business salespeople were convinced large companies were not visiting its website. Analysis showed differently.



Apr. 30 2012

Data Gives Insight Into Avoiding Shopping Cart Abandonment

Ecommerce shopping cart abandonment rates have jumped by nearly 20 percentage points — from the low-to-mid 50s to the low 70s — during the last two years. While a closer look reveals the facts probably aren’t as bad as the numbers indicate, they do represent a call for marketers to take a closer look at their checkout structure.



Apr. 23 2012

Denny’s “Always Open” Casual Chat Spots Drag, Don’t Sell Food 1

A series of videos from Denny’s which feature comedian Dave Koechner fail to do much… including entertain or sell food.



Apr. 11 2012

Political Ad Dollars Haven’t Followed Voters Online 1

This year’s election may be divisive and bitter, but one wouldn’t know it based on the amount of online political advertising. Television and mail have remained the dominant channels for political advertising — to the detriment of candidates, according to Katz 360′s Andy Slater.



Mar. 29 2012

Using Web Data to Improve Your Retail Storefront 1

For brick and mortar retailers, ecommerce data can provide many relevant and timely indicators of popularity, such as new or increasingly popular search terms, or engagement metrics like dwell time on particular products or categories.



Mar. 28 2012

Synonym-Aided Search Boosts Guess’s Website Performance

Shoppers have thousands of ways to ask for products they want. But if a marketer’s website can’t recognize those requests, the opportunity to make a sale vanishes. Guess Inc. is using a new website platform that recognizes a wide variety of synonyms entered into search engines to direct prospects to relevant offerings.
The fashion marketer’s organic search efforts have paid off, attracting customers more likely to want specific products–and pay premium prices for them–rather than pulling in bargain hunters.