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Make Your Email Look More Official Than Promotional

Consider your own email inbox. Does a pleasing visual and overexcited copy convince you to hit a "Buy Now" button? What kind of email solicitation might actually get you yourself to respond? In dir

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Apr. 24 2012

Why List Quality and IP Reputation Are Crucial in Email Delivery 1

Effective delivery of emails for marketing, ecommerce or other business functions is essential for a company to build and sustain relationships online.



Apr. 14 2012

Pet Photographer’s Email Goes to the Dogs 7

When she opened Westway Studios, San Diego-based pet photographer Terran Bayer knew email would be a cost effective way to build her customer base. What she didn’t realize was email marketing can be full of challenges for novices who don’t know the rules.



Apr. 10 2012

Trigger Email Open Rates Soar: Trend Report 1

Triggered email messages had 96% higher open rates and 125% higher clickthrough rates than “business as usual” messages in the fourth quarter of 2011, according to recent statistics from the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Experience Council and Epsilon.



Mar. 20 2012

Email Inbox Placement Rates Decline 6%

Email inbox placement rates declined to a record low of 76.5% in the second half of 2011, according to Return Path’s most recent Global Email Deliverabilty Benchmark Report.



Feb. 14 2012


Feb. 01 2012

Multiple Email Addresses for Customers Can Hurt Response

As marketing databases mature, they inevitably accumulate more data, perform more slowly, and



Jan. 18 2012

4 Email Marketing Basics to Master in 2012

Here are four basics your team should be on top of to make the most of your email expenditures in 2012



Jan. 10 2012

10 Ways to Make Email Work Harder 1

Is there synergy in your digital marketing budget plans for 2012? A survey by marketing research firm 6S Marketing suggests a continued misalignment between email marketing spend and consumer behavior.



Dec. 19 2011

Mobile Email Recipients Not Saving Messages to Read Later on Desktop: Surveys 1

All marketers know that mobile devices enable consumers to check email whenever and where ever they want. But what they might not be considering is that once consumers read an email on their tablet or phone, they’re necessarily not saving it to follow-up on later on their desktop.