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Making Mobile Part of Your Lead Gen Strategy

The need to make mobile media part of your lead generation strategy today is obvious. What isn’t so obvious is how to integrate mobile in a way that will effectively engage consumers and

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Apr. 04 2012

New Express Loyalty Program Expands Beyond Credit Card Holders

Apparel marketer Express Inc. is using its new credit card-based Express Next rewards program to reach out to consumers who don’t actually own that branded credit card.



Mar. 19 2012

Lead Management (And Data) Practices Vary Among B2B Marketers 1

A new study shows business-to-business marketers vary greatly on their lead generation, lead nurturing and lead evaluation practices.




Feb. 21 2012

Prospecting on All Platforms: Chief Marketer’s 2012 Lead Gen Survey 1

Whether your brand sells to consumers or to other businesses, chances are you’re looking for leads in lots of new places.



Feb. 16 2012

CM Listline: Tapping Masterfiles for Recency and Efficiency

Real-time advertising and retargeting online may be working for some, but most marketers with a sustainable growth plan for new customer acquisition still rely on mail to drive web traffic and conversions. If timing is everything, then recency is critical—but it's not that easy to find enough "fresh" names to test. Unfortunately, it still takes a lot of effort to net out an adequate prospect file from the merge-purge of multiple response list hotlines due to the costs and time required to get the job done right.




Feb. 15 2012

The Best of the Best: Four Game Changing Ideas from IMA Winners

All of these campaigns offer valuable lessons that marketers can apply to their own promotional efforts in 2012



Feb. 14 2012

Using Data to Channel-Optimize Marketing

Marketing isn’t taught by the mathematics departments within colleges and universities, but some day maybe it will be. Each day, marketers are more dependent on the numbers. Metrics and measurements talk to marketers, revealing secret insights into campaigns. For example, data analysis shows how channel optimization makes money.



Feb. 14 2012


Feb. 12 2012

Facebook IPO Will Draw Attention To Social Media Data Practices

Facebook’s impending initial public offering may cause additional scrutiny on all marketers’ data-gathering and data-mining practices. Dennis Dayman, Eloqua’s chief privacy and security officer outlines some concerns for direct marketers.



Feb. 06 2012

5 Tips to Find High Performance Segmented B-to-B Prospect Lists

Here are 5 tips to help you find or build segmented prospect B-to-B lists that produce the best ROI and lowest cost to acquire a buyer of your own



Jan. 25 2012

IBM’s Social Selling: The Computer Giant Finds B2B Leads in Social Media 4

In B2B marketing, how do you make social media an efficient, cost-effective channel for finding new customers and selling to business clients?