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Making Mobile Part of Your Lead Gen Strategy

The need to make mobile media part of your lead generation strategy today is obvious. What isn’t so obvious is how to integrate mobile in a way that will effectively engage consumers and

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Dart hitting a target


May. 07 2013

Why The Customer Should Be Central to Inbound Efforts

Chief Marketer recently talked with Mike Volpe, CMO of inbound marketing software at HubSpot, to get his take on trends in the inbound space.




Apr. 26 2013

Social Can Help Insurers Build Personality, Leads

For local insurance agents, a robust social presence can be a great policy when it comes to generating leads.




Apr. 10 2013

The Future of Lead Generation: Q&A

DM Confidential recently chatted with Joeri Weyenberg, vice president of marketing for Kaplan University, to get his thoughts on lead generation best practices in the education space and beyond.



Feb. 04 2013

Using Co-Registration to Build Your Email Database 4

One question has been dogging marketers for years: how do you obtain and scale the acquisition of consumer permission in the first place?



Sep. 15 2012

Lyris One Addresses The Age of Exploding Data 22

Lyris One, a new platform from Lyris, offers marketers the opportunity to integrate, sort, analyze and generate campaigns of a wealth of customer data, both from within and outside the company.



Aug. 26 2012

Marketers Should Let Their Emotions Get The Better of Them 3

In brand advertising, going for the gut yields the gold, according to BrainJuicer’s Orlando Wood. Marketers who tap into the emotional appeal of their ads will also realize quantifiable results — both in terms of viral impact and hard sales metrics such as increased sales and reduced price sensitivity.



Aug. 13 2012

Pet Relocation Firm Shares Database of Tales (And Tails) Through Social Media, Email 5

Not all data points are easily quantifiable. Take, which pulls from its store of successful pet relocation stories based on pet type, destination and origin point when offering quotes for its services. Does cute and cuddly work as a hard-edged sales tactic? Absolutely!



Aug. 03 2012

Marketers Say Poorly Focused Content Impedes Lead Generation 3

That marketing departments and sales staffs have their differences shouldn’t come as a surprise. But when salespeople are actively rejecting the collateral marketing departments offer, it should not only come as a surprise, but a warning sign.



Jul. 31 2012

How to Avoid Big Data Analysis Paralysis 7

The great amount of prospect data floating around can get in the way of gaining useful information. TargusInfo’s Paul McConville offers tips on limiting the scope of data gathering to its most effective elements.



Jul. 29 2012

Mobile Looms Large as Facebook Fights Branding Medium Label 1

There’s a lot more news in Facebook-land than just its recently announced financial performance. Nestled within the company’s very first earning report and related management call are a number of gems regarding how marketers can best make use of changes the social network is planning. Want a hint? Think mobile, and think it a lot.