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DMA Strategic Summit Focuses on C-Level Concerns

Chief Marketer is proud to be the co-sponsor of the DMA2014 Strategic Summit, a one-day, invitation-only forum for senior level and c-suite executives. The Summit will be held concurrently with the

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Aug. 06 2012

USPS Defaults on $5.5 Billion Obligation 1

The U.S. Postal Service defaults on a multibillion dollar financial obligation and draws yawns from the mailing industry.



Jul. 12 2012

Mailers Mixed on November USPS QR Code Promo

Mailers like the U.S. Postal Service’s Holiday promotional discount program for pieces using QR codes but aren’t too thrilled with the idea of using priority mail.



Jul. 07 2012

DMA Offers Data Governance Certification to Marketers 1

The responsibility for securing data has existed for a long time within organizations’ legal, privacy and information technology units. A new certificate program from the Direct Marketing Association seeks to give marketers a solid grounding in responsible data practices.



Jun. 02 2012

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Makes Online Tracking Opt In. Deal, Marketers 4

There's a throwaway line in Microsoft's Windows 8 preview announcement that could completely overhaul online data collection.



May. 23 2012

Q&A: New CEO Woolley on Future of the DMA 1

Linda A. Woolley, the acting president and CEO of the Direct Marketing Association, discusses the challenges and opportunities the organization faces.



May. 16 2012

DMA CEO Kimmel Steps Down: Woolley Named Interim CEO

The Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) CEO Larry Kimmel is stepping down from his position. Linda A. Woolley, the organization’s executive vice president of Washington operations, will serve as acting CEO.



Apr. 27 2012

Mailers Cautiously Laud Senate Postal Bill 3

Mailers were cautiously pleased that the Senate passed its postal reform bill but see work ahead.



Apr. 09 2012

FTC Calls For Legislative Oversight of Data Brokers

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a report recommending, in part, that data brokers offer consumers greater transparency into, and control over, data collected and stored. The report also recommends a central web site where consumers can learn about data compilers by name, understand their proceesses, and exercise rights of access to their data.



Mar. 21 2012

What UPS-TNT Merger Could Mean for Postal Service 4

Is United Parcel Service’s proposed $6.8 billion acquisition of TNT Express just another corporate mega-merger? Could it create such a large and well-heeled behemoth that could endanger postal corporations abroad, or maybe even the U.S. Postal Service eventually?



Feb. 29 2012

Catalogers Say USPS Cutbacks May Be Good For Mailing Industry 2

Some larger catalog mailers have applauded the U.S. Postal Service’s recent proposals to lay off as many as 35,000 employees and shutter more than 220 facilities around the country.