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CRM Is Profitable; Valued at $20.4 Million

David Roe (CMS Wire) The CRM market is valued at $20.4 million. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The biggest players in the space are identified here, as well as the CRM drivers moving this market to

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Nov. 08 2004

Five Emerging Trends in Database Marketing

First came operational databases that ran order entry and fulfillment activities. From them evolved marketing databases, which have become central to overall business strategies. And from those marketing databases, trends are emerging that affect how we manage our relationships with customers and prospects



Oct. 25 2004

Better Sales by Segmentation

“How to Get the Most Profit from Your Housefile” is a surefire winner of a title for a conference session. During his session of the same name at the DMA 87th Annual Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans last week, John Lenser, president of San Francisco-based consultancy and list firm Lenser, offered plenty of suggestions



Oct. 01 2004

Freedom Files

Prospect databases give mailers the leeway to model, append…and save on list costs



Sep. 15 2004

The Next Generation

Marketers’ high-tech solutions achieve the kind of customer relationships mom-and-pop shops built on their own



Aug. 01 2004

This Year’s Model

Business-to-business marketers have been a bit slow in adopting the newest statistical modeling techniques to drive their marketing programs, and with



Jul. 13 2004

Live From AD:TECH Chicago: Consumer Attention is the New Currency

Cutting through the information clutter and facilitating customer relationships is vital to effectively marketing your brand in the new “attention economy.”



Jul. 01 2004

Data on DEMAND

The big picture approach to marketing has gone the way of rabbit ears on television sets. As Procter & Gamble global marketing officer Jim Stengel said



Jun. 01 2004

Connect With the Customer and Know Your ROI

Forget eating bugs, running obstacle courses and forming alliances. To be a catalog survivor you need to increase profitability, decrease back orders



Jun. 01 2004

Game, Set, Match-back

Most catalogers have long used source codes to determine the success of the lists they’ve rented. Codes indicating the source of the recipient are printed



May. 01 2004


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who a merchant’s best customers are: They’re the ones who shop most frequently and spend the most, of course.