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Making Mobile Part of Your Lead Gen Strategy

The need to make mobile media part of your lead generation strategy today is obvious. What isn’t so obvious is how to integrate mobile in a way that will effectively engage consumers and

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Aug. 02 2011

Marketing Ops 101: Evolving Marketing From a Cost to a Profit Center

Chief marketing officers are under considerable pressure to systematize demand generation, justify spending, and provide leadership in innovation in a rapidly changing and complex world. These pressures increase tensions among functional peers and cascade to subordinates who must do more with less staff. Meanwhile, a lack of perceived results are likely to shorten a CMO’s tenure.



Jul. 27 2011

Four Ways Cloud Marketing Can Save Today’s Marketer

When Samuel Coleridge wrote “water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink” about the ancient mariner’s thirst on the open sea, he also captured the irony many marketers today face about their marketing intelligence.

Marketers are also surrounded by an ocean—one of data pouring in from all directions, both disparate channels and enterprise-wide. And while the mariner was surrounded by salt water unfit to drink, marketers are frustrated that much of the information surrounding them is unavailable for marketing purposes. But where the old sailor could only pray for wind or rain, marketers can look to The Cloud.



Jul. 19 2011

Transform Your Customer Database Into a Goldmine 1

From the classical Greco-Roman world through the later parts of the medieval periods, there have always been humans who practiced alchemy, the quest to turn ordinary base metals into gold. As it became clear that such a process was for all intents and purposes impossible, the practice faded from the scene. However, the perception that something of limited value can be repurposed in such a way that it can exponentially increase its value remains alive and well. In this instance, call it alchemy in the form of the customer database.



Jul. 15 2011

Why Marketing, Not IT Should Control the Marketing Database, (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this article I made the point that IT departments almost always think they can—and should—be responsible for the marketing database.



Jul. 14 2011

What the Big B-to-B Guys Can Learn From Small Business

What can large B-to-B businesses learn from the techniques that small business owners know so well?



Jul. 14 2011

Best Practices: Engaging B-to-B Prospects By Phone

Telemarketing doesn’t have the best reputation in many circles. But if done properly, it can be a great way to engage B-to-B prospects and help guide them through the sales process.



Jun. 10 2011

Making the Most of Leads From Trade Shows 1

In today’s challenging economic environment, not following up on tradeshow lead data is really inexcusable. It is expensive—really expensive—to be an exhibitor at a show. And whether your tradeshow exhibitor investment will net a profit or a loss all depends on how the lead data is capture and used.



Jun. 09 2011

18 Proven Ways to Reach B-to-B Customers with Email

Business-to-business communications are fundamentally different from business-to-consumer. With B-to-B, there is usually a long sales cycle. Your goal is to engage, to establish your company as a valuable source of information. You want to get your messages opened and read often, making you the authority buyers turn to when they are deciding where to purchase. Here are 18 steps to consider when planning a B-to-B email marketing campaign:



May. 17 2011

Unified Databases, E-mail Hygiene Pay Out For Eldorado Resorts

At Eldorado Resorts, databases talk to each other before talking to guests. These conversations keep members of its loyalty program from being bombarded with too many solicitations—or, even worse, with inappropriate messages.

This quantity control effort is relatively new. Up through the summer of 2010, Eldorado’s various business departments, including its restaurants, casinos, showrooms, concert venues and hotels, maintained unlinked databases. Because of this, individual properties—like the Eldorado and Silver Legacy Casinos in Nevada, and an Eldorado in Shreveport—didn’t have a complete view of the value of their customers.



Apr. 25 2011

Data Helps Indiana Tourism Org Boost E-mail Relevancy

Killing the print edition of its visitors guide may have been the best database-augmenting action Indiana’s South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority ever took. In doing so, the group put itself in a position to deliver better-qualified leads to its member organizations by focusing on online communication.